Our dynamometer

The dynamometer is a very valuable tool to define the performance of any damper or fork but it turns indispensable when we want to proceed with a damper check or dynamometermaintenance routine.

You have to suspect from who offers damper maintenance services without the use of a dynamometer. Without it they will work blind. They can not offer any warranty of the job done.

In PR Suspensions you will have a complete check of your damper from only 30€/u. This service is completely adaptable to the needs of each customer. Some customers want just a damper check to make sure that everything is fine and some others will ask for the characterization of the damping parameters to fine tuning their vehicles.

You will have also the possibility to ask for more specific checks, like the ones aimed to solve some particular problems : range of speeds, different oil viscosities, different preload, etc. The prices will vary depending on the complexity of the checks:


– Specific test – 50€/hour

– Basic – 30€/u