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Tuning properly your suspension is essential to get the latest tenths.

In PR Suspensions we tune your suspensions for track racing. Through the regular maintenance of your dampers you will ensure that you always keep the highest level of performance in your suspension, but can also detect wear and behavioral changes before they affect the balance of the vehicle.

Even when they are completely new, you will not find two dampers performing exactly the same. By testing the dampers on the dynamometer we obtain the graphs of force / velocity or force / displacement for all combinations of settings. With this information, and combining the different settings, we can obtain that each axis is working symmetrically which will translate into a better vehicle response.

Basic maintenance includes the following:

  1. Checking the initial state of the damper in the dynamometer
  2. Disassembly and inspection of all parts
  3. Control of guides and rods
  4. Ultrasonic bath cleaning of the valves
  5. Replacement of seals and gaskets
  6. Oil Change
  7. Adjust Nitrogen preload when needed
  8. Final check on dynamometer of the entire range of settings
  9. Obtaining the settings to achieve symmetry

Price: 150 € / ud


We also offer the possibility to make a full report to obtain optimal damping adjustments in combination with suitable springs, depending on the characteristics of your vehicle and the tire specifics that you use.

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