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Off-road is probably the most demanding category of motorsport for the suspension system.

Here we will find the highest loads and working speeds for the dampers thus the proper set up and a good performance from the suspension will make the difference.

Only through a periodic maintenance of our dampers we will ensure to anticipate a loss in the performance, before they go into irreparable damages.

We offer you professional maintenance for any damper, with the possibility of enhancing its efficiency by means of internal modifications.

Basic Maintenance includes the following:

  1. Checking the initial state of the damper in the dynamometer
  2. Disassembly and inspection of all parts
  3. Control of guides and rods
  4. Ultrasonic bath cleaning of the valves
  5. Replacement of seals and gaskets
  6. Oil Change
  7. Adjust Nitrogen preload when needed
  8. Final check on dynamometer of the entire range of settings
  9. Obtaining the settings to achieve symmetry

Price: 150 € / ud

We also offer the possibility to make a full report to obtain optimal damping adjustments in combination with suitable springs, depending on the characteristics of your vehicle, the tire specifics and the type of terrain : asphalt, gravel, snow or ice.

For further details please contact us.