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PR Suspensions offers different types of services regard engineering, that focuses on the world of competition. Among them there is consultancy, track engineering to be tested or in official events, development services, improvement of suspensions, suspension geometry design, etc.

Our engineers have extensive training and experience in vehicle dynamics applied to the competition.

Tell us about your case and we will advise you according to your needs.

Tuning of suspensions in-situ

We put to your disposition a exclusive engineer dedicated to your damper either on day test or race days. This way you make sure that you can extract the best out of the tune section.

The best thing about this service is the ability to make valve changes or internal adjustments of the dampers in the circuit itself or stretch. Otherwise the dampers are to be sent every time to change its needed valves, with the consequences of losing time or with the impossibility to find again similar conditions to the test.

Engineering Track

Besides of the damping specialists, our engineers have extensive training in the development of vehicle  dynamics. We have over 10 years of experience regard competition at a International level (F1, GP2, Formula 3, etc).  We will put at your disposal our knowledge to optimize your vehicle so you can be differ yourself from the rest.

Tire characterization

The part that has more influence on the performance of a vehicle is the tire. Because the tire transmits all the strengths to the ground. Everything that the pilot feels while pushing the vehicle to its limits comes from the tires

In PR Suspensions we have the necessary tools so that through the vehicle instrumentation – installation of load sensors, turning, drifting, etc – to characterize a tire.
It consists on the conditions or adjustments that we are going to provide us with optimum grip: Pressure drop, temperature, drift angles, etc. Once you know these parameters, piloting or tuning are more simpler to adjust.

In the case that the customer has the necessary material, we can give pointers when choosing the location of the sensors (sensor drift DATRON) and also in the preparation of the data acquisition system for data interpretation.