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Damper checks

The dynamometer is the device used to analyse the performance of any damper but it is also the essential tool to proceed to its maintenance.

The companies that carry out maintenance or any kind of set up work in suspension damper-and-spring-checkingsystems without having a dynamometer is like doing a blind job. They can not offer any warranty about their work. Working with us will ensure that you know how was your suspension before and how it is after the revision.

You will always receive a printed copy (digital copies also available) of the forces registered when we check the suspension in the dynamometer.

Some of the services we are able to provide by checking the suspension in the dynamoter include:

  • Damper initial state check
  • Obtaining the damping parameters
  • Specific trials or problems search : high temperatures, different oil viscosities, etc.

The prices will vary in function of the test carried out.

Basic checkings : 30€ /u

Specific work (settings sweep) : 50€/hour

Spring checks

We also have the necessary equipment to test dynamic spring stiffness. These kind maintenance-and-preparation-springyof tests are strongly recommended to check springs with progressive or variable stiffness.  For racing teams these checks will allow them to match a set of springs with the most similar stiffness, improving the vehicle’s dynamics.

Spring dynamic stiffness test : 20€ /u

If you have any doubt please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try advise you.